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As soon as a person is registered in the forum, it's supposed to have read and approved this rules.

- Respect is needed on the forum.

- The so-called "SMS" language is forbidden.

- Don't abuse capital letters.

- Rude, abusive, racist, discriminatory, kikoophobic or other words condemning morals are prohibited and may result in legal proceedings.

Calm is mandatory on the forum.

- It's highly unwise to discuss a warning/ban, except privately with an administrator.

- It's forbidden to discuss any illegal subject.

- Settlement of accounts must be done in private message.

- Any pornographic/drug content is prohibited.

- It's forbidden to discuss real religions/politics.

- The surplus of smileys in a post is forbidden.

- It is allowed to place images / gif in your messages, provided that it is limited to 1 per message, and that you reduce the size of your image (via the resizing function of the forum) so as not to annoy others users.

- Any attempt to steal an account is prohibited.

- It's not allowed to have more than ONE account per person.

- Advertising is prohibited.

- Thank you for not having too big a signature.

- Before asking a question, please check if it has not already been asked.

- As soon as you register, your account must be protected to prevent your brother/sister or other from modifying/publishing/creating messages in order to harm you. If this happens you will suffer the consequences because it would be too easy to use your siblings for your mistakes.

Each member is the legal person responsible for his / her own comments and messages. Unifast Group and its members do not assume the views of their members and reserve the right to censure them.
The staff reserves the right to remove or modify posted messages for any reason.

In case of legal request, we reserve the right to read the private messages.

This rules are subject to change without prior notice or announcement, so it is advisable to read it regularly.

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