Public Pre-alpha #2

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Public Pre-alpha #2


Greetings adventurers!

The second public pre-alpha of Alteros Online is now available for a certain time, following the same conditions of the first one!

This test version is like the first one, it will allow you to test the game at its current state. Considering that it is a pre-alpha, please be aware that given the progress of the project, only features are being developed, not content, which will see its development begin in several months, when the basis of the project will be sufficiently solid.

As you can notice in the list of classes, they have no relation to the game. They are present only for the purpose of testing several things related to the class. Thus, they will be replaced by the true classes in the future.

If you find a bug, thank you for telling me in the category "Bugs & Problems".

Test coupon for the cash shop: BETACODE

The only prerequisite for participating in the test version is to register for the forum, and if possible, write a presentation to join the community! I will thank you for leaving a review of the game on the link below. I would also greatly thank you for leaving an opinion on the current status of the game on the link below.

You can invite your friends, under the same conditions as above.

The server will be online from
22/07/2017 to 16:00 to 24/07/2017 to 16:00. (UTC/GMT)

After that, you can delete your game, which will be obsolete for future versions.

Download link:

To install the game, just unzip the file (with software type winrar) by right-clicking then Extract to \Alteros_Online.

Write a review:
Discord Server:

Good test!

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